My mission is to execute lifestyle goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

With awareness in the science of wellness and the technology of change, I am here to support individuals who want to incorporate positive long-term changes for a healthy lifestyle. My mission is to see each person as a unique individual so that we can develop a doable plan while incorporating the necessary reinforcement to sustain growth.

I work with people who:

  • Want to incorporate lifestyle changes to help them feel better
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to explore nutritional options to support medical conditions

As your health coach…

I understand. I can relate. I’ve been there. 

As many health coaches, my interest is personal. For years I suffered from debilitating digestive issues in addition to hormonal and thyroid issues. After years of being disappointed by conventional medicine, I became an avid researcher of health and wellness. Through lifestyle changes, I not only achieved the relief I had been seeking but it ignited a fierce determination to simply feel better on a daily basis, to live healthy longer, and to share what I have learned with others.


Based on your goals, we will look at your nutrition, movement, and sleep patterns to jointly develop a program to make both progressive changes and additions – it’s not all about cutting things out but adding in enjoyment, fun, and exploration. You are the master of your own body. I would love to help you learn how to support it.

Karen LeFurgy's Qualifications:

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Adult and Seniors Certified Health Coach

YogaWorks 200 Hour Instructor Certification

CrossFit OL1 Trainer 

M2 Performance Gut Biology Certification

M2 Performance Metabolism Certification

M2 Performance Hormone Health Certification


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