It’s not what you think.

This process is not about enforcing rules that were not made for you. Nobody wants another sixth-grade gym coach yelling at them to climb a rope, run a faster mile or complete a prescribed number of push-ups in a minute. I bet no one’s harder on you, than you.


I am here to support individuals who want to incorporate positive long-term changes for a healthy lifestyle.


My goal as a Health Coach is to provide a safe place where each person is seen as a unique individual, doable plans are developed, and reinforcement is provided to complete them.

 I work with people who

  • Want to incorporate lifestyle changes to help them feel better
  • Individuals who want to lose weight
  • Those who want to explore nutritional options to support medical conditions

Change can be hard; it can be confusing and feel overwhelming. It can take us to the edge of difficult --let’s make it doable. Often, we can overshoot that edge and choose goals that are unachievable or unsustainable and subsequently are left feeling defeated. Alternatively, we can undersell ourselves and fail to produce change, leaving us to feel defeated. Sometimes we need help to find that edge and sustain momentum.


As your partner, I will guide you instead of judge you. I can help you make positive changes to meet the goals that YOU want for yourself.

What is Health Coaching?

People look toward health coaches for support with a variety of health issues, such as weight loss, stress reduction, management of chronic conditions, improving diet and exercise, applying new skills to old habits, and adjusting to life-altering health events, from having babies to having an ulcer. All people can enjoy the benefits of health coaching to stay motivated, accountable, and to feel their best by:


  • discovering ways to address the “why” behind desired health change
  • empowering innate expertise
  • uncovering challenges and blind spots that are preventing change
  • providing support and accountability
  • using a broad knowledge of health and wellness to help navigate a variety of health concerns

Together, let’s look at four components of your health foundation:

  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Attitude

I’m here to empower YOU to achieve your health goals and ultimately live YOUR best life. Your individualized program will focus on whole food nutrition, education, a positive touch to encourage change and develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Together, we got this,

Karen LeFurgy